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” Noma” Restaurant Copenhagen- My experience on world’s best restaurant

It was an amazing experience to be a part of the team at one of the best Restaurants in the World ” Noma” in Copenhagen , Denmark. Side by side with Chef Rene Redzepi , Great Chef and excellent teacher, I have learned few important things every Chef should think about…


  • “Taking a trip to the forest and experiencing the greatness of getting on your knees and picking your own food and going home… and eating it ” is a pleasure that no one can deny…
  • “A gastronomical supermeal didn’t necessarily have to involve the things I had brought from other top kitchens.”
  • “When you get close to the raw materials and taste them at the moment they let go of the soil, you learn to respect them.”
  • “Close interaction with farmers and scientists can expose the chef to new flavours that can be used to delight diners.”
  • “If you see someone in the kitchen that has good hands and a quick brain, then you need that person to be in the front of everything.”